Finials are an ideal way to accent the rooftop of a cupola, or mount directly to the roof of a gazebo, barn, shed, or home. The striking style and charm they will add will give your structure curb appeal all it’s own.

Our products are handcrafted of 100% pure copper ensuring you a lifelong piece of beauty on your rooftop and we are proud to say they are made in the USA. Finials can help to ease the transition from rooftop to the sky by giving the eye a stylish element to look at. Whether you mount it directly to your rooftop or use it in a garden setting, our products are certain to add grace and style.

When reviewing our products, pay close attention to the detail and artistry in our finials to find out why they are the most preferred on the market today. The craftsmanship and detail is second to none.

If you wish to slow down the patina process, we also offer a Clear Lacquer Spray for our copper products we offer. A few easy to apply coats slows the process down to 5-6 years and more can be applied after that time period to slow down the process again.

Our finials normally ship in about 1-2 days and come with the necessary components to mount in one of our cupolas. It is as simple as inserting the rod into the rooftop of the cupola and securing it with a mount already inside the rooftop. This is a very easy installation that anyone could do.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products. Let our expertise and customer service skills work for you as you add curb appeal and style to any of your structures.