Aluminum Weathervanes

Our aluminum weathervanes are highly unique and eye-catching. These products will last for many years as they are made from rust free materials. Aluminum weathervanes also cost less than most comparable copper weathervanes  making it a perfect gift. Each weathervane is hand-cast in rust-free recycled aluminum and completed with a weather resistant finish to give each design a unique appearance.

Aluminum weathervanes add that elegant touch to your home, garage, barn, shed, garage or other structure. Whether they adorn the top of a cupola, or is mounted directly to the roof, weathervanes are sure to add character and beauty to last a lifetime. We are proud to say these products are made in the U.S.A. They are built with rust free material making them maintenance free. Directionals, spacer balls and rods are included with all weathervanes.

Steel Weathervanes

We also have a large selection of Steel Weathervanes that are compatible with all of our cupolas. Our steel weathervanes are made of 14 gauge steel with 3 protective coatings baked on to prevent rust or fading. Complete set includes laser cut top, windcups that have sealed ball bearings to gently turn in any breeze, an EWNS directional that tells the direction the wind is coming from and your choice of mount. The arrow on all steel weathervanes is 21 inches. All steel weathervanes are $65. Call us to order.