Shed and Metal Cupolas

Are you looking for a shed cupola or one for a metal building? You have come to the right place. Our shed and metal cupolas are perfectly designed for any building, especially sheds, barns, and metal buildings. Tool sheds, equestrian barns, ranch buildings and general storage buildings are very common applications very our shed and metal cupolas. Shipped in 3 sections and easy to install, our metal cupolas offer you a wide selection. The bases, midsections, and roofs can be ordered in any color of your choice. Or you can paint them any color you desire.

Choose Our Durable Cupolas

With our building and shed cupolas, you can add function and style to anything you desire. With over 30 styles to choose from, you can find a cupola to fit your style and needs.
Why choose cupolas from Country Cupolas and WeatherVanes? Our cupolas are:
•   Low maintenance
•   Reliable
•   Can be customized
•   Durable
We also offer meshed screening that can be installed on the inside of the louvers to keep out any pests or creatures. The shed and metal cupolas are made of maintenance free materials ensuring they will last you a liftetime.Whether you are renovating a building or doing new construction, consider a cupola to finish off your structure. One of our copper weathervanes would add that final touch to your project.
Please see the color options under the accessories section of the product pages to find your color.