Cupola Kits Video

Check out our most recent video on Youtube showing our variety of cupola kits that we have. Our products are made from a maintenance free and weather resistent pvc vinyl, copper, metal or red cedar. We offer the most extensive product line on the market today. Review our cupolas and find out why we are most preferred provider on the market today.

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Cupolas for Barns

Barn cupolas are one of the most common applications for our products. The style and function they add on a barn or any shed is second to none. Many of our kits are used for ventilation on a rooftop allowing heat to escape as our louvers are functional allowing air to pass through. Take a look at our cupolas for barns and be certain that we have the product shape and size that you are looking for at an economical price. Select from a variety of materials that will last you a lifetime.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Cupola

One of the most common discussions we have when we are helping our customers determine what kind of cupola they want, is knowing what the cupola will be used for. Many cupolas are used for ventilation purposes. When this is the case, a louvered cupola provides that capability as all of our louvered cupolas are fully functional, meaning that air is able to pass completely through the cupola. Many customers use a louvered cupola on homes, sheds, barns and garages to allow heat to escape through the rooftop of the building. Simply cut a hole in the rooftop of the building and the heat escapes.

Many customers, however, use our cupolas for curb appeal and to add style and charm to any building.

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Styles of Cupolas

No matter the shape or style of your home or office building, enhancing the beauty and value is easier than ever with the addition of a stylish cupola. Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, a cupola can enhance the look of almost any building and make for a nice addition to any outdoor structure. In addition to their aesthetically pleasing nature, a cupola can aid in the ventilation of any building that may prevent damaging mold and mildew.

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Cupola Kits For Rooftops

Cupola kits are a very common way of adding style and charm to building. Curb appeal is normally at the front of a customers mind when they are considering the investment of money to their property. They wish to enhance the look and style of a building all while making an economic and wise decision. With the variety and style of products we offer, we've been helping customers accomplish this for years.

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How to Size A Cupola?

How big should my cupola be? This is a question we get very often. Many times the customer has an idea on what they want, while other times they look for us to give them recommendations.

While there is no exact science to sizing a cupola, there are some basic guidelines to work by in order to size one that will look proportional to the structure it sits on. Generally speaking, you should take the number of unbroken feet in your roofline and multiply it by 1 or 1.25. For example, if you have a barn that is 35 feet long and has 30 feet of unbroken roofline, take 35 x 1 or 1.25 and this equals about 35 to 44. So ideally, a 36" or 42" cupola will be sized nicely for this type of building.

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How to select a cupola for a gazebo?

When considering a gazebo cupola, there are a few key considerations when determining which cupola to buy. A first consideration is the size of the gazebo. Typically, you can take a gazebo’s width and multiply it by 1.25 or 1.5 to get an general idea on what size base you should get. For example, if your gazebo is 14 feet wide, a cupola with a base of about 20 inches would be ideal.

Another consideration for your gazebo cupola is whether you want the cupola louvered or windowed in the midsection. All depending on the type of cupola, some consumers use the louvered midsection for ventilation purposes to allow heat to escape from the top of the gazebo. We offer a nice mesh screen product to prevent bees and wasps from getting inside the cupola and building nests. Some customers prefer a windowed midsection and install a light or any other decorative accent to the cupola and gazebo.

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Louvered Cupolas for Ventilation

Louvered cupolas are often used for ventilation in barns, sheds, garages, and homes. This use dates back many years and it is still a common use today. A hole is cut in the roof of the structure to allow the heat to escape into the cupola and the heat escapes via the louvers. When cutting the hole in the roof, it is suggested to leave 6 inches around the inside edge of the cupola base in order to provide for mounting capabilities. Humid and moist air also rises and also can escape through the cupola. Agricultural barns and livestock barns often use cupolas with louvers to accomplish this.

In order to keep unwanted bugs and pests from getting in through the louvers, mesh screens are installed on the inside of the cupola. We offer these kits, please contact us for details. This is an ideal way to keep wasps, hornets, bees or other creatures from creating nests inside the cupola. So not only does the cupola add style to any building, it can also serve a functional purpose.

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Copper Animal Weathervanes

Copper Weathervanes are one of the most common techniques to adorn the rooftop of a cupola or mount directly to the roof of any shed, barn, garage, home or gazebo. Some of the most common weathervanes are those that show animals.

Animal weathervanes are a wonderful way to express the interest of your property. Whether you are the owners of a farm and have horses, cows, pigs or any other type of livestock, one of our 100% pure copper animal weathervanes would add that extra class to your rooftop.

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Vinyl Cupola Products for Barns and Sheds

Country Cupolas and Weathervanes offers a very entensive product line of vinyl cupola products. We are excited that we now offer four new vinyl models. The Danbury, Plymouth, Oxford, and Yarmouth are new vinyl cupola kits recently added to our offerings. Take a few minutes to not only review these products, but also our wood and copper products as well. You will be glad that you did.

Our vinyl cupolas are made from an AZEK pvc-vinyl material. This is the most maintenance free and weather resistant material you will find on the market today. So find out why more people select our products over the competition. Installing a quality product that will last is always something that consumers consider when purchasing products. We are proud to say that all of our products are made in the USA with quality amish craftsmanship.

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