Frequently Asked Questions

Cupola Questions

How do I install my cupola?

Each cupola arrives in 3 pieces(base, midsection, and rooftop) for easy installation. A detailed installation guide is included with every cupola. There are predrilled holes and galvanized screws provided. You can review our Cupola Installation Instructions here.

What materials are your cupolas made of?

Our cupolas are made from either a maintenance free PVC vinyl, pure copper, western red cedar wood, or primed pine. The roofs are made from 16 oz., 24 gauge copper.

Are the louvers functional?

Yes, air will pass through all of our louvered cupolas. Many customers want mesh screening kits installed to prevent bugs/pests from making nests inside the cupola. There is also an option to seal the louvers as well.

How strong of wind will my cupola be able to withstand?

Our cupolas are designed and engineering to withstand 120mph winds.

Which size cupola would look best on my home?

A good rule of thumb to use in selecting the correct cupola is: 1.5 inches of cupola for every foot of unbroken roofline. The unbroken roof line is the key component to sizing your cupola. For example: 1.5 inches of cupola x 24 feet of unbroken roofline = a minimum cupola roof size of 36". Using this formula will provide you a good balance between you cupola and roof. You may however, try doubling up two smaller cupolas on your roof rather than one larger one. Please see our Sizing your Cupola link on our page for more detailed information.

How will my cupola be shipped?

Wood cupolas up to and including 30" and vinyl cupolas up to and including 26" will ship via UPS. Cupolas larger than 30” will ship via motor freight.

Is a signature required for my cupola delivery?

UPS shipments do not require a signature. Motor freight shipments are scheduled by appointment and do require a signature. They call you a day ahead of time to schedule delivery. Lift gate service may be necessary to remove the cupola from the truck.

How do I install my weathervane on a cupola?

All Country Cupolas and Weathervanes cupolas are "weathervane ready". Each cupola is built with an internal bracket for mounting the weathervane.

What is roof pitch?

The roof pitch pertains to the angle and steepness of the roof. A carpenter's square can be used to find the angle of the roof. Our cupolas are designed for a roof pitch up to 10/12. However, if your roof is steeper, an extension base will be needed.

How do I know if an extension base is needed on my cupola?
Most of our cupolas are designed for a roof pitch of 10/12.  Most roofs are not steeper than this. However, if the roof pitch is steeper than 10/12 pitch, it is important to order the extension base at the same time you order your cupola. Our shed, metal, and gazebo cupolas accommodate roofs with less pitch such as 6/12 and 7/12.

The extension base is not an additional piece, rather the base is made taller to accommodate the steeper pitch.

Should I be concerned about the height of the cupola?

No. All cupolas are designed and built to the proportion of the base size. Some cupolas a built shorter while others are built taller, but adhering to the Sizing your Cupola  guidelines will ensure it adorns your roof properly.

Can my cupola be used for ventilation?

Yes, Louvered cupolas are often used for ventilation. We also offer protective screens to keep unwanted guests from getting through the louvers and inside the cupola.

Can I paint my vinyl cupola?

Our vinyl and primed pine cupolas do not require painting but they can easily be painted with 100% acrylic latex paint. Redar cedar cupolas can be stained or painted as well. Just make sure the surface to be painted or stained is clean and dry.

What gauge copper is used on the roof of the cupola?

We use 16 oz., 24 gauge copper.

How long will it take to ship my cupola?

Our cupolas are built to order and normally take about 2 weeks to build, however with supply chain issues now, we are shipping in about 5 weeks. Once it is shipped, it will arive within 3-5 business days.

Weathervane Questions

What is included in the weathervane?

All weathervanes, except cottage styles, include a copper figure, a brass and stainless steel rod, copper spacer balls, and solid brass directionals. Cottage weathervanes contain all of the above but come complete with a powder coated steel rod and either a roof mount or garden pole for display. Mounting and display options for all other weathervanes are sold separately.

What is a weathervane made of?

Our weathervanes are made primarily of two materials. Our copper weathervanes are made from copper and our aluminum weathervanes from aluminum. The directionals are made of solid brass or aluminum and the assembly rod is made of brass and stainless steel for Large Size(Estate) Weathervanes and powder coated steel for Standard & Garden Size weathervanes.

How do I mount a weathervane?

Although most weathervanes can be traditionally mounted using one of our mounts, there are many other complementary ways to display your weathervane. We carry a full line of vinyl and wood cupolas which will beautifully display your weathervane and further enhance the look and style of your roof. We also carry mounts, display bases, and garden poles.

How many finishes are offered for your weathervanes?

Our weathervanes are offered in 3 finishes. Our copper weathervanes are offered in a blue verde finish, which gives the appearance of aged copper. Our copper weathervanes are also offered in a polished copper finish, giving them luster and shine.  Our aluminum weathervanes also have a range of finishes.  We offer the following finishes on selected aluminum weathervanes: rust, black, gold/bronze and blue verde. Browse our selection of weathervanes to find the right one with the right finish for you.

Do weathervanes require assembly?

Yes. Our weathervanes do require some minor assembly. Detailed instructions are included. All you need is a screwdriver & the parts simply slide onto the assembly rod and are secured by setscrews. 

Are weathervane directionals supposed to turn in the wind?

The weathervane directionals should remain stationary at all times. When installing the weathervane, position the directionals accordingly so N points to the North, S points to the South, etc. The weathervane figure will move and point into the wind or from where the wind is blowing.

What size weathervane should I purchase?

We offer 3 sizes of weathervanes: Our Extra Large(Estate) Weathervanes are designed to complement larger homes, barns or buildings. The more traditional Standard Size Weathervanes are designed to fit most homes, garages, or gazebos. Our Garden/Cottage Weathervanes are normally used to adorn smaller structures such as gazebos, smaller barns and sheds, or can even be used to enhance the appearance of your garden or patio area.

How will my weathervane or finial be shipped?

We ship via UPS. We offer free shipping on all weathervanes, finials and mounts and parts. FedEx is available upon request.

How long will it take to ship my weathervane?

For weathervanes that are in stock you can expect it to ship out the same business day and your order to arrive 4-5 business days after that. For a weathervane that is out of stock it can take 2 weeks to be built and then ship out.