Weathervanes are a great way to either put the finishing touch on a cupola, or mount directly to the rooftop of any home, barn, shed, garage, or gazebo. Our sleek and stylish products will add curb appeal on the rooftop of any structure. Whether you have visitors or passer-bys, our handcrafted products will add a style and grace all their own. Our products are made from 100% pure copper ensuring you a lifetime of beauty and style.

Extensive Selection

We offer both copper weathervanes and aluminum styles and we have a very extensive selection in both materials. We offer some of the very traditional animal styles including:
•   rooster
•   horse
•   goose
•   blue heron
•   duck
We also offer these in both extra large sizes for large buildings and in standard size for smaller buildings. Additionally, we offer many of the traditional and classic arrow styles sure to give your structure some "old world distinction".