Octagon Base Cupolas

Octagon base cupolas have long been used on gazebos and homes. We have a beautiful selection of octagon base cupolas that will bring curb appeal and style to any structure they are resting on. We have both louvered and windowed cupolas made of both copper and vinyl to ensure we have the cupola you are looking for. Pay close attention to the detailed moldings around the midsections of our cupolas that display the quality craftsmanship of the amish who make them. We are proud to say that these products are made with in the U.S.A.

Our cupola kits typically ship in about 2 weeks from the time of order and our cupolas are weathervane ready. Extension bases are available for roofs with a steeper pitch than 10/12. The extension bases are not actually 2 pieces fastened together, it is actually one piece that higher allowing for it to be installed on steeper roofs. These cupolas also come shipped in 3 sections allowing for easier handling and installation.