Cupola Installation

Our cupola installation is made easy as our cupolas come in three pieces(base, midsection, and rooftop). Your cupola will come with detailed instructions.

Many of our customers like the following installation videos as well.

Standard Cupola Installation Video - The video below shows how to do a standard install on a cupola. Use this method for a cupola that is 48" or less wide. 

Cupola Flashing Installation Video - The video below shows how to install flashing on your rooftop prior to installing your cupola. Flashing is not required for an installation as most customers don't put flashing down, but we've included this video if you want to put down flashing. Keep in mind that we offer a flashing kit as an option with our cupolas so this is all ready to go if you want flashing. Review our Cupola Options for more information.

Cupola Curbing Installation - The video below shows the installation method that is normally used for larger cupolas(60" or larger) that may take a fair amount of wind.