Milford Sale Series

Milford Sale Series

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  • 24" Square x 36" High - $789.00
  • 30" Square x 44" High - $989.00
  • 36" Square x 52" High - $1,309.00
  • 42" Square x 60" High - $1,589.00
  • 48" Square x 67" High - $1,999.00
  • 60" Square x 87" High - $3,169.00
  • 72" Square x 102" High - $4,099.00

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The Milford Metal Cupola features a windowed midsection. As with the other metal cupolas we sell, this cupola can be ordered with the roof, midsection and base painted the color you wish, at no additional charge. Take the headache out of a cupola install by getting it painted the color you want from the start. Just check the metal cupola color chart under the Accessories section below.

This cupola, as well as all other cupolas we sell, are wind rated to withstand up to 120 mph winds. See why our cupolas are the most popular on the market today.

Milford Metal Cupola Specifications and Features

  • • Maintence free construction using vinyl and pre-painted steel materials.
  • • Cupolas are weathervane ready with a 3/4" opening and come with built-in mounting hardware for weathervanes and finials.
  • • All cupolas are weathervane ready. When installing a weathervane, an 11" extension rod is required for cupolas with a 24" base or larger. Finials do not require an extension rod.
  • • Detailed installation guide is included with every cupola for easy installation.
  • • Preassembled in 3 sections for easy installation.
  • • Wind ratings up to 120mph.
  • • This cupola accommodates up to a 6/12 pitch roof. If you have a steeper roof, you will need to order an extension base.
  • • All cupolas with less than a 30" square base ship UPS. Cupolas with a 30" square base and larger ship via motor freight.


Item Price  
11" Extension Rod 11" Extension Rod $39.00
Extension Base Extension Base $89.00
Hinged Window Hinged Window $59.00
Metal Cupola Color Options Metal Cupola Color Options $0.00