Flying Duck-Standard

Flying Duck-Standard

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The Flying Duck Copper Weathervane is a weathervane that is very traditional in nature. Ducks weathervanes are very common on the rooftops of water or lakeside buildings. Whether you are remodeling or doing new construction, add one of these weathervanes to the rooftop or top of a cupola to make it add curb appeal.

Flying Duck Copper Weathervane Specifications and Features

  • • 22"L x 20"H x 27"W (wingspan)---Add an additional 32" to the overall height to accommodate the spacer balls, directionals and rod.
  • • Weathervane is included with assembly rod, directional set, and spacer balls.
  • • Normally ships within 1-2 days of order.
  • • Polished copper finish.
  • • Please refer to our Mounts and Parts for mounting accessories.
  • • Free Shipping!!