Country Cupolas and Weathervanes

Country Cupolas and Weathervanes is proud to be the leading provider of cupolas to home owners, construction contractors and builders, and commercial and institutional builders. Our stylish and quality products made from a maintenance free Azek vinyl, metal, or wood will add charm and enhance to look of any building.

Increase the Style and Look of any Barn, Shed, Home or Garage with our Cupolas

You can choose from finishes made of:

  • Vinyl-a maintenance-free and weather resistant Azek cellular pvc material
  • Metal-rooftop and base made from metal matching most color combinations
  • Wood-crafted from select western red cedar or primed pine
  • Copper-cellular pvc vinyl clad with 24 gauge copper boasting old world distinction

Take a tour of our Cupola Kits For Sale by watching this video that shows the elegance they can add to any building. 


View our YouTube video below to find out why Royal Crowne Cupolas are the preferred cupola on the market today. Our products durability, functionality, and beauty make them a great addition to any building.

Cupola Kits

Our cupola kits come in three sections including the base, midsection, and roof. This makes for easier handling and installation. We are proud to say our products are handcrafted in the U.S.A. and our prices are unmatched. Our products are built to last using solid PVC vinyl(AZEK), red cedar, white cedar or solid white primed pine and have 100% pure copper roofs or aluminum metal roofs ensuring your barn, shed, pavilion, or any other structure will have a product adorning its rooftop that will last a lifetime. Our vinyl cupolas are completely weather resistant and maintenance free. Our copper weathervanes are crafted using 100% pure copper and are weather resistant and maintenance free. Our extensive amish-made product offerings ensures that we will provide you with the elegance that you are wanting to add.


Our weathervanes are a perfect way to accent any of our products. We also offer the upfront lowest price guarantee. Take a look at any one of our products, and you will see the detailed craftsmanship—which is why so many people prefer our products.

Wide Selection

Our wide selection and style of products ensures we will have the perfect one for your needs. From vinyl, wood, or copper finishes, or windowed or louvered in the midsection, we have the right product for you needs. Our products make a wonderful addition to any outdoor structure or garden setting and will add beauty to last a lifetime.

Enhance the Beauty of Any Structure

There are many ways to enhance the beauty of your building. Many customers use louvered cupolas to provide ventilation to their structure. Many customers also use windowed cupolas with a lantern inside giving the cape cod appearance. Many customers requirements are dictated by the base they require. Most require a square base cupola, both others require an octagon base or a hexagon base if they plan to install atop a gazebo. If you don't see what you are looking for, we also design and build custom cupolas.

Browse our cupolas and weathervanes today to find out why we are the preferred provider on the market.