Louvered Cupolas for Ventilation

Louvered cupolas are often used for ventilation in barns, sheds, garages, and homes. This use dates back many years and it is still a common use today. A hole is cut in the roof of the structure to allow the heat to escape into the cupola and the heat escapes via the louvers. When cutting the hole in the roof, it is suggested to leave 6 inches around the inside edge of the cupola base in order to provide for mounting capabilities. Humid and moist air also rises and also can escape through the cupola. Agricultural barns and livestock barns often use cupolas with louvers to accomplish this.

In order to keep unwanted bugs and pests from getting in through the louvers, mesh screens are installed on the inside of the cupola. We offer these kits, please contact us for details. This is an ideal way to keep wasps, hornets, bees or other creatures from creating nests inside the cupola. So not only does the cupola add style to any building, it can also serve a functional purpose.

This ventilation benefit is done on buildings ranging from agricultural buildings, cathedrals, homes, gazebos, barns, garages, pergolas, ramadas........you get the picture. Any time there is an enclosed roof, the heat and humid air will rise and stay unless there is a way out. On a typical summer day, the air temperature at the top of the roof compared to the ground is 30-35 degrees warmer.

We offer louvered cupolas in a variety of makes, shapes, and sizes. They are made of a maintenance free vinyl, primed pine, red cedar or 100% pure copper. You can get them with copper tops, aluminum tops, or plywood tops, and can get them with a square base or octagon base.

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