How to Size A Cupola?

How big should my cupola be? This is a question we get very often. Many times the customer has an idea on what they want, while other times they look for us to give them recommendations.

While there is no exact science to sizing a cupola, there are some basic guidelines to work by in order to size one that will look proportional to the structure it sits on. Generally speaking, you should take the number of unbroken feet in your roofline and multiply it by 1 or 1.25. For example, if you have a barn that is 35 feet long and has 30 feet of unbroken roofline, take 35 x 1 or 1.25 and this equals about 35 to 44. So ideally, a 36" or 42" cupola will be sized nicely for this type of building.

If you are considering 2 or more cupolas, you normally make sure there is at least one inch of cupola base for each number of feet on unbroken roofline on the building. For example, if you have a 48 foot shed and has 48 feet of unbroken roofline, two 48" cupolas would be ideal on this building.

The height of building can also be an important factor, as the higher the building, the larger the cupola and the shorter the building, the smaller the cupola.

For a visual representation of the sizing process, please take a moment to view our link noted above regarding “Sizing A Cupola.”

Country Cupolas and Weathervanes offers a wide selection of vinyl, metal, wood and copper cupolas certain to add style and charm to any building. We also offer copper and aluminum weathervanes and finials that are a perfect accent atop a cupola.  

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