Cupolas for Barns

Barn cupolas are one of the most common applications for our products. The style and function they add on a barn or any shed is second to none. Many of our kits are used for ventilation on a rooftop allowing heat to escape as our louvers are functional allowing air to pass through. Take a look at our cupolas for barns and be certain that we have the product shape and size that you are looking for at an economical price. Select from a variety of materials that will last you a lifetime.

Whether you have a wooden or metal barn with a shingle or metal rooftop, our product line will exceed your expectations and give you the look you are after. Keep in mind that our cupolas come shipped in 3 sections(base, midsection, and rooftop) that will allow you easy installation on your barn or other building. Our products are also designed to withstand 120 mph winds. Review our products and find out why we are the preferred cupola supplier on the market today. Call us today at 800-330-6972.

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