Copper Cupolas

Copper cupolas are one of the most distinctive rooftop accents a customer can put on their home or barn. Our cupolas have been adding style and grace for many decades sitting atop of any structure. Whether you are looking for square based cupola or octagon based cupola we have the product for you. Nothing says Old World Distinction quite like these cupolas. These louvered cupolas could be used to add elegance in that they sit wonderfully atop and structure, but also provide function in that they could be used for ventilation allowing warm air in the structure to escape by its louvers.

These cupolas are proudly made in the U.S.A and have a pvc-vinyl that is cladded with 16 ounce copper making it maintenance free. A cupola with a base larger than 24” will require an 11” extension rod if you plan to install a weathervane on these cupolas. Estimated delivery time is 2 weeks from time of order. Wondering about installation? Don’t---all of our cupola kits  come in 3 sections for easy installation.