Pinnacle Sale Series - Red Cedar

Pinnacle Sale Series - Red Cedar

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  • 24" Square x 47" High - $949.00
  • 30" Square x 57" High - $1,199.00
  • 36" Square x 67" High - $1,529.00
  • 42" Square x 77" High - $1,979.00
  • 48" Square x 88" High - $2,339.00
  • 60" Square x 107" High - $3,159.00
  • 72" Square x 126" High - $4,129.00

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The Pinnacle Red Cedar Cupola features a bell topped copper roof made of 16 ounce, 24 gauge copper. The arched louvered midsection of this cupola will add an element of style and charm to any structure that it sits on. Not only would this rooftop cupola sit well on top of a gazebo with its octagon base, but it would add beauty to any home, garage or barn as well.

Find out why more people prefer our cupolas than any other cupola on the market today by paying close attention to our design detail. Our skilled amish craftsman take pride in their work like no other cupola manufacturer, and we are proud to say this cupola, as well as all others we make, are made in the U.S.A.

Pinnacle Red Cedar Wood Cupola Specifications and Features

  • • Handmade from a select grade of western red cedar and capped with a 16 ounce, 24 gauge copper roof.
  • • Wood cupolas can be painted or stained to match your home, barn, shed or any other structure.
  • • Cupolas are weathervane ready with a 3/4" opening and come with built-in mounting hardware for weathervanes and finials.
  • • All cupolas are weathervane ready. When installing a weathervane, an 11" extension rod is required for cupolas with a 24" base or larger. Finials do not require an extension rod.
  • • Detailed installation guide is included with every cupola for easy installation.
  • • Cupolas come in 3 sections(roof, middle, base) for easy installation and delivery
  • • This cupolas fits up to a 10/12 pitch roof. For a 12/12 pitch, one extension base is required. For a 14/12 pitch, two extension bases are required.
  • • All cupolas with less than a 30" square base ship UPS. Cupolas with a 30" square base and larger ship via motor freight.


Item Price  
11" Extension Rod 11" Extension Rod $39.00
Extension Base Extension Base $89.00