Things to Consider When Buying a Cupola

One of the most common discussions we have when we are helping our customers determine what kind of cupola they want, is knowing what the cupola will be used for. Many cupolas are used for ventilation purposes. When this is the case, a louvered cupola provides that capability as all of our louvered cupolas are fully functional, meaning that air is able to pass completely through the cupola. Many customers use a louvered cupola on homes, sheds, barns and garages to allow heat to escape through the rooftop of the building. Simply cut a hole in the rooftop of the building and the heat escapes.

Many customers, however, use our cupolas for curb appeal and to add style and charm to any building.

Any one of our cupolas can serve this function. Whether you prefer a windowed, louvered, pagoda and bell-topped roofed cupolas, we have the selection to meet your needs. Additionally, our cupolas can be painted any color you wish the accomodate any existing color scheme that you have on your building. Our sleek and stylish cupolas are handcrafted and made with close attention to detail. Review our selection today!!!


Contact Country Cupolas and Weathervanes today at 800-330-6972 and let us help you find that perfect cupola for any building!!!!

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