Cupola Kits For Rooftops

Cupola kits are a very common way of adding style and charm to building. Curb appeal is normally at the front of a customers mind when they are considering the investment of money to their property. They wish to enhance the look and style of a building all while making an economic and wise decision. With the variety and style of products we offer, we've been helping customers accomplish this for years.

Our cupola kits that we have for sale come in three sections: base, midsection, and rooftop. While many times customers envision the task of getting one large cupola on a rooftop, it can actually be done one piece at a time. Getting the base installed squarely and securely is the most important step and just about all customers are able to do this using the provided installation instructions.

Take a look at our cupola kits or visit our Youtube site at to see what products we offer and start getting ideas on how we can add a grace and charm on any barn, garage, shed, or home.

Contacts us today at 800-330-6972 for any questions you may have.

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