Copper Animal Weathervanes

Copper Weathervanes are one of the most common techniques to adorn the rooftop of a cupola or mount directly to the roof of any shed, barn, garage, home or gazebo. Some of the most common weathervanes are those that show animals.

Animal weathervanes are a wonderful way to express the interest of your property. Whether you are the owners of a farm and have horses, cows, pigs or any other type of livestock, one of our 100% pure copper animal weathervanes would add that extra class to your rooftop.

The rooster is one of the most endearing weathervanes and looks good atop almost any structure. These are commonly mounted directly to the rooftops of tool sheds, livestock barns, or fenceposts, or can also be used in a garden landscape setting.

We also offer many other types of weathervanes, including those that would look ideal in a lake or lakeside setting. We offer many pelican, duck, and geese weathervanes. Lake homes and boathouses are a very common installation for these products and it only adds to the look and feel of being near the water.

Find out why more people prefer our weathervane and cupola products over the others by taking a few minutes to review our selection. You will be happy that you did in that we are certain these will add curb appeal and charm that will last a lifetime.

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